We believe in the power of live events

Updated: Sep 1

There’s method in our mantra - “we believe in the power of live events” - but what does that really mean? Here at 73 Media, we believe that events, be they live, virtual, external, or in-house, have the power to inspire and create connections. Events are a perfect opportunity to build new networks, nurture established client relationships, to learn from, to help improve business and power careers.

Did you know, that live events are:

  • 200% x more powerful than TV ads

  • 300% x more effective than print media

  • 400% x more effective than radio

They leave a lasting impression, change minds and help grow business all in an environment you have created. Here at 73 Media, we believe that for brands and organisations alike, there are very few marketing opportunities that offer the advantages live events do. They not only provide an unrivalled opportunity for customers and prospects to experience your product or service face to face; at their core, live events offer unparalleled sensory experiences that just can’t be achieved through any other channel.

So whilst the recent increase in online events - accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic - has proved to be incredibly successful (we love a digital event here at 73 Media and have a fair few to our name!) nothing quite compares to the human connection of an in person live event accompanied by a handshake, precious shared moments, and a sprinkle of serendipity to boot.

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