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Bring on 2021!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

At 73 Media HQ this time last year, there were three things in this picture that I didn't need, or indeed, want.

1. A microphone for video meetings

2. A face mask (even though that is a pretty cool one)

3. My appointment card for a covid test (it was negative)

The one thing that I absolutely did need was my membership to the AEO.

The one printed out there is my 2021 membership, which I have been proud to renew and pay for.

Like many, I ran no physical events in 2020, every event I ran was virtual. But there was tireless work by the event industry frontline workers, our associations, to try and get us back on track.

They fought, discussed and cajoled government and media, to make our voices heard and they continue to do so. They helped coordinate and corral our sectors to have a unified voice...(a special shout should also go to the team at Mash Media who I include in this group)

So huge thanks to everyone involved in ESSA, AEV, UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, SISO and Mash Media.

Keep doing what you do - helping us do what we do...and will do again.

Happy New Year, bring on 2021!

Ed Tranter

MD & Founder 73 Media


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