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“We are designed for human connection” - Ed Tranter talks to Farnborough International

In May 2020, Ed Tranter, Founder and MD of 73 Media chatted with Carlo Zoccali from Farnbourough International, about the impact of lockdown on the events industry, our need for human interaction and his hopes for the future. Ed says “We are as a species, I believe, designed for human connection. We are designed for relationship with each other. And that experience comes from meeting face to face.”

[What do you love about events?] "You can learn, you can develop, you can grow. You can expand your ideas, your horizons and your business in a way like nothing else can."

Ed looks forward to a positive outcome “When we come out of this, we will have the mother of all mighty parties and it will be phenomenal. And we'll all be together and it will be the big group hug in the history of the world.”

Watch the full video below.


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