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73 Media submits assessment to become a B Corp

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

73 Media is committed to working in a way that positively impacts everyone we work with; communities, customers, suppliers and our planet, and as such we are excited to have submitted our assessment to become a B Corp.

What is a B Corp?

Put simply; a community of over 4000 global companies and organisations striving to balance business with people and the planet.

In a bit more detail...B Corps are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to our social justice and sustainability commitment which is mirrored through our company values. We have recently been recognised in the events industry for being shortlisted for EN Awards 2022 ESG Strategy.

“Our submission for B Corp status has been 2 years in the making. It has been one of our core objectives to be a business that wants to make a difference, and B Corp perfectly reflect 73 Media’s values. So submitting our impact assessment was a proud moment”

March 2022 is B Corp Month, the #Behindthe B campaign celebrates the community of UK B Corp businesses, who they are, what they do that's different and celebrating companies that are committed to making a difference.

Throughout March a range of initiatives will be amplifying the B Corp message, including campaigns in Waitrose, WHSmith & Holland & Barrett, plus for the first time in the UK, March will see the opening of a dedicated B Corp shop in the heart of Soho called "Good News".

The pop-up store concept, dubbed Good News, will showcase 300 ambient, fresh, chilled and frozen products from over 100 UK brands that are B Corp certified, including Cook, Tony’s Chocoloney, Vita Coco, Dash Water, Ella’s Kitchen and Pukka tea.

The aim is to teach consumers how they can ‘buy better’ by shining a light on the products that have “sustainability and community at their core”. No products will be sold to consumers, however, in a bid to shift the focus to “purpose over profit”, it added.

The ethos of B Corps and helping consumers to make conscious consumer choices is a message echoed by our 73 Media launch event One Earth Show, taking place in Jan 2023 at the NEC.

Find out more about One Earth Show.

Find out more about B Corp.


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