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73 Media’s Forest Grows!

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

73 Media is committed to working in a way that positively impacts everyone we work with; communities, customers, suppliers and our planet.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our social justice and sustainability commitment which is mirrored in our company values. We have recently been recognised in the events industry for being shortlisted for EN Awards 2022 ESG Strategy.

We work in partnership with UN-certified ForestNation planting trees to offset the emissions of events we organise. 73 Media has planted 20000 trees to date. The tree-planting programme not only offsets the emissions but also prioritises creating sustainable livelihoods — creating rich futures for children; creating leadership roles for women; creating rich local economies in the communities where they are planted.

These are the latest pictures from the nursery in Tanzania where the trees are being transferred.

Find out more about our forest and the work of ForestNation here.

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