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The National Outdoor & Active Festival

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The National Outdoor & Active Festival is an established in-person event, but due to the global pandemic, the 2020 edition ran virtually in March 2020. Raccoon Events appointed 73 Media to produce and manage the virtual event.


Running over eight days the event saw 50 speakers take part in 32 hours of live broadcast.

73 Media managed speakers, processed all pre-record content, edited adverts to run throughout, managed the live broadcast and populated on demand content.

“I know Ed and his reputation well, so it was a fairly obvious choice for us to select 73 Media as the delivery partner for our Outside and Active Digital Festival. They were the stand-out agency that pitched for this project and I have to say that our experience of working with them so far has more than delivered on that promise. It is a pleasure to work with organisations that offer this level of professionalism, insight and service.”

Mike Seaman, CEO, Raccoon Events.

The National Outdoor & Active Festival won Best Consumer Show Activation at the AEO Centenary Awards in Dec 2021.

“73 Media worked with us delivering a 2 day, 63 speaker, 95% live virtual event and from creative design all the way through to the final production, the energy, attention to detail and execution delivered by Ed and his team was fantastic.”
Lawrence Dallaglio OBE, Founder, Dallaglio RugbyWorks
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