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With over 80 years of events experience, the 73 Media team can advise and support in all areas of event development, management, and strategy.

Our focus can be on the whole business, individual events (in-person or online) or on individual departments, such as marketing, operations, or sales.

You can rely on honest, impartial, and clear support as we wholeheartedly drive to make your business better and more successful.


The foundation of any successful launch strategy is research. We can work with you to help determine your criteria and provide detailed research, analysis, and reports to give you confidence to take your plans to the next stage.

Launch Strategy.

We can look at your target market and provide the detailed competitor landscape, assessment of your potential success and advise on the event model that best suits you. What we won’t do is tell you something is a good idea if we don’t believe it is.

Existing event review.

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference. With award-winning experience on exhibitions, conferences, awards, summits, and everything in between, we can help you refresh, engage, and grow your event.

Online Events.

The “digital pivot” or advent of Hybrid events can be a minefield. So many tech options and so many promises. If you are looking to see how to realise the revenue opportunity created by these new digital platforms, we can help.

International Events.

Our experienced team has worked delivering events in over 40 countries and on 5 continents and are able to advise, plan and deliver your existing events or help create new events in different regions.


This is growing in importance every day and becoming more critical to all stake holders in an event. We can help you map out a strategy and connect you with the partners to make your events more sustainable.

Improving your profit.

Whether it is from new revenue opportunities, restructure, or operational cost savings. Our aim is always to improve the bottom line.


73 Originals

Our own brand events, carefully researched and executed with quality.

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Managed by 73

Our event management service. From research to delivery onsite, we will become an extension of your team.

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73 Consultancy

Utilise our award winning strategic expertise to explore, plan and direct your next event.

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Delivering tailored experiences to create lasting memories.



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